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  1. Jealousy is Haraam and a major sin. It devours good deeds just as fire eats wood.
  2. The Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) has stated that on Mondays and Thursday, our deeds are presented to Allah. All are forgiven except those who are jealous of the fellow Muslim brothers.
  3. Anger destructs Imaan and weakens man.
  4. Alcoholics, those who sell alcohol, those involved in bribery, those who take usury and those who are unkind to their neighbours will not enter Jannat.
  5. The Curse of Allah and hatred of the people is on a thief.
  6. All your belongings are the belongings of your father, and your big brother is like your father.
  7. A true Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands a fellow Muslim is safe.
  8. To be vulgar to a Muslim is a major sin and to kill him is Kufr.
  9. Suicide is Haraam and a major sin.
  10. Any Muslim who intends to assist a fellow Muslim brother in the time of need, and tries his best to do so, then for him, this is better that ten years of Nafil It’tikaaf.