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Deobandi Jammat has this aqidah about our prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم

1. Shaykh Abdul Haq has narrated that prophet was not aware about what is behind the wall ( Baraheen Qatiyah, By Mawlana Khaleel and Mawlana Rashid)

Exposing Deobandi's Lies
Exposing Deobandi's Lies

RED underlined part says : Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith dehavlvee has narrated ( a hadith) that ( prophet said ) I was not aware of what was behind the wall

The Deobandis were not satisfied with this comment , so their leader Mawlana Manzoor Nomani went one step ahead and said

” If prophet could know what was behind the wall , he would have not asked Bilal (Rd) about the women standing at the door “
( Mawlana Manzoor Nomani, Faisala Qun Munazara page 136)

Exposing Deobandi's Lies

We have seen in the previous scan page of baraheen qatiyah that rasheed ahmed gangohi gave the reference of Shaykh Abdul Haq. Now let us see what actually Shaykh Abdul Haq has written in his book from which rasheed ahmed gangohi has given the reference.

This is what Shaykh Abdul Haqq muhaddith dhalvee ( Rh) writes:

At this point a doubt is often put forward about a narration that prophet said that he was not aware of what was behind the wall. The answer to this doubt is that this narration is a lie and there is no truth in it . ( Madarijun Nabuwwah , vol 1)

Exposing Deobandi's Lies