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Today the present day wahabi’s are trying to create a confusion regarding the exact location of NAJD from where the fitnah will rise. Now let us see the reality about the location of the NAJD. Inshallah after the discussion i will present a video which will make it clear that the hadith on najd is for ibn abdul wahab and not for musallimah bil kazzab…

A hadith related to the three above narrations may also be found in Sahih Muslim specifically addressing the people of Iraq and directly attributing the hadith to that area. “O people of Iraq, how strange it is that you ask about the minor sins but commit major sins? I heard from my father ‘Abdullah b. ‘Umar, narrating that he heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying while pointing his hand towards the east: Verily. the turmoil would come from this side, from where appear the horns of Satan…till the end of the hadith”.[5]
“O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Shaam. O Allaah bestow your blessings on our Yemen.” The people said, “O Messenger of Allaah, and our Najd.” I think the third time the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said, “There (in Najd) will occur earthquakes, trials and tribulations, and from their appears the Horn of Satan.”

The following hadith on the other hand show Iraq cannot be interpreted as Najd and it is well known that no expedition was undertaken to Iraq during prophets time.

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: I took part in a Ghazwa towards Najd along with Allah’s Apostle and we clashed with the enemy, and we lined up for them (Bukhari).
Narrated Sinan and Abu Salama: Jabir mentioned that he had participated in a Ghazwa towards Najd in the company of Allah’s Apostle (Bukhari).
Also the hadith regarding miqat points clearly mention Iraq and Najd as two different places.
For the people of Medina Dhu’l-Hulaifa is the place for entering upon the state of Ihram, and for (the people coming through the other way, i. e. Syria) it is Juhfa; for the people of Iraq it is Dbat al-‘Irq; for the people of Najd it is Qarn (al-Manazil) and for the people of Yemen it is Yalamlam (Musl
However it is imperative to state that sunni Muslims do not believe that hadith was in reference to Iraq, they believe it was in reference to najd. 

Many Ulemas have proved that najd of saudi arabia was already existant during the time of Prophet Mohammed (sallal-lahu-alyhi-wasallam). Iraq wasn’t conquered untile the rule of Abu Bakr Siddiq, so there was no one from Iraq when Muhammed (sallal-lahu-alyhi-wasallam) refused to pray for najd
Therefore most of the ulemas from ahle-sunnat believe the hadith is mentioned for najd of saudi arabia.
Lets See the Satellite Picture Of The Najd Which Clearly Proves That The Najd Is the Saudia Arabia (Riyadh) and not iraq.
Where Is Actually Najd Located?
It is clear from the above mentioned hadith and the satellite picture that the najd is in present day saudia arabia and the birth place of ibn abdul wahab. Still if there remains a doubt in anyone’s mind, then let me present a video which will further remove all the confusions and you will also get the answers to those questions which the present day wahabi rise in order to mislead the people for the location of the najd.