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Misconceptions About Islam

Islam is probably the least understood and most demonized religion today. The critics of Islam have created this persona based primarily on misconceptions, ignorance and malice. Misconception # 1: Violence and Terrorism is the Muslim Creed Islam and Muslims have...

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Islam the Glorious religion

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK IN PDF FORMAT FROM THIS LINK CONTENTS 1. About this Book VOLUME - I FUNDAMENTALS OF ISLAMIC FAITH 2. Six Cardinal Articles (Kalemahs) 3. Islamic Faith in brief 4. Islamic Faith in detail LESSON NO.1 5. The gist of Islamic beliefs LESSON NO.2 6....

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What is Islam?

  Religion of Unity Religion of "Submission To The Divine Will" Religion of Nature Religion of Discipline Religion of Truth Religion of Temperance Religion of Beauty Religion of Reason Religion of The Negation of Superstition Religion of Action Religion of Balanced...

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